Printek Engineers printgraph

Suitable for Lamination of Brochures, Digital Prints Posters and other Specialized printing jobs with COLD & THERMAL Lamination with STRIP GUMMING for fixing posters etc.
Technical Specification
  • Hand Feed Sheet to Reel Lamination.
  • 203 mm Heated Pressure Roller.
  • 160mm Hydraulic Nipping Pressure Roller.
  • Hyplon Rubber Pressure Roller.
  • 2 HP DC variable speed Motor.
  • 4KW Heater.
  • Temperature Controller with Heat Sensor.
  • Film Unwinding Shaft.
  • Film Slitting Unit.
  • Adjustable Adhesive Tray.
  • Digital Counter.

Sizes 600mm, 800mm, 900mm

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