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Instant Start Metal Haide Plate Exposure

  • Special Fast & absolutely clean in operation.

  • Using 1KVA & 3 KVA instant Mental Start Metal Halide for Fast Exposure.

  • Control with Fully Automatic Digital Timer with Light Sensor
Special Features

Instant Start
Energy Saving Dual Stage
Vacuum System
Built-in Vacuum Sensor
User Friendly Microcomputer for Accurate Exposure Control
Spectrally Matched Photo Sensor Rugged Storage Drawers

90 cm x 110 cm
  Retouching Table Retouching Table

Opal Perspex diffuser protected by toughened glass.
Fluore scent lights and glare free illumination. Artists tools space provided.

Tilting arrangement can be incorporated.
Size: 760 x 1020 mm (30” x 40”)
  Lining table Lining Table

Precision parallel squareness two stainless steel scales is maintained accurately on working are controlled by hand-wheel. The clear glass top is a double working surface – both sides are useable. Beneath this top is permanent light diffusion plastic sheet.  Glare – free even illumination through fluorescent lights.
Size : 765 x 1020 mm (30” x 40”)
  Dark Room Process sink

Dark Room Process sink

Size : 1830 x 760 mm (72” x 30”)
2440 x 760 mm ( 96” x30”)

  Plate Developing Sink

Plate Developing Sink

Chemically resistant fibre glass body made out of single moldings, light wieght but sturdily built. Convenient drain out let with MS angles frame stand.

Size : 860 x 1020 mm (34” x 40”)

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