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Salient Features

The machine is made of best quality cast iron and steel. All parts are heavy, making the machine very sturdy and Strong. Knife holder of the machine can be adjusted to Compensate grinding off, of the knife. The height of the Table is adjustable to avoid over or under cutting and provided with a back gauge, which is fitted with double threaded screw for swift action, The hand-pressing wheel is stationary, which is of great convenience because the hand wheel does not go up and down and the pressing can be done easily.

Special Features

The workmanship throughout is of the highest. standard. These machines, being very strongly built, are able to cut much higher stacks of paper than other similar ones. For every machine, clutch system is provided for automatic disengagement in the highest position of the Knife. Safety guards are fitted to avoid accidents. The machine, having ball bearing at all vital parts, is very light, smooth and silent in running. The entire equipment is finely finished and spray painted, while all essential parts are brightly nickel plated.

Techanical Data

Size  26"   32"  36"  42"
Height of cut 4V  4"   5"   5"   5"
Cut per minute  8 6 6 6
Power required (H.P) 1 1 2 2
Floor space (approx)   57"x51"  65"x58"  72"x62"  82"x72"
Height of machine   60"   65"   70"   75"

Standard Accessories

2 Knives, 1 Cuttings Sticks, Key, Wrenches and oil can.

NOTE: 18", 48"& 52" Size machines also available
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