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  Single clamp perfect binders. With many variants the perfect binder is versatile and suitable for a wide variety of requirements.

The three roller gluing systems and separate side gluing tank add value and provide a superior spine gluing.
  Salient Features
  • Single clamp perfect binder with easily adjustable book clamp.
  • Milling station with cutter, notching teeth and a powerful dust extractor
  • Gluing-various options available (see technical data below)
  • Cover nipping station with facility to control the nipping pressure.
  • Timers for adjusting feed-in time, cover nipping duration and delivery.
  • Wide range of jobs can be done with easy job change over.
  Techanical Specifications:

Clamping Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Spine Gluing Single Roller Three Roller Three Roller Three Roller
Side Gluing Built-in Separate Separate Separate
Thermostat Digital Thermostat Thermostat *
Spine Length 70 - 430 mm 70 - 430 mm 70 - 320 mm 70 - 480 mm
Spine Thickness 2 - 60 mm 2 - 60 mm 2 - 80 mm 2 - 60 mm
Mechanical Speed 650 cph 550 cph 600 cph 550 cph
Controls Electromechanical Electromechanical Electromechanical Electromechanical
Electric Supply 400-415V, 400-415V, 400-415V, 400-415V,
3 Phase 50Hz 3 Phase 50Hz 3 Phase 50Hz 3 Phase 50Hz
Power Consumption 6.7 HP 8.2 HP 10.2 HP 10.3 HP
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