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Side & Center Stitch

Power driven high speed Vickers model Wire Stitching machine designed or reliable and durable performance.
High speed stitching machines are designed for relaible and durable performance. Stitching Machines come in a wide range of sizes and models each suitable or a variety and binding operations including wire blinding of periodicals, journals, Book etc.
Capable of saddle stiching and side stitching

Technical Specifications

Full clinch 16mm (5/8")
Stabbing 25mm
Speed 200 Stitches/ Min.
Wire to Round
Wire Guage 20 to 26 SWG
Capacity 2 shts - 170 shts
Power 0.50 HP (Single Phase)
Dimension L32" W 28" H42"
Gross Weight 225 kg

Salient Features
stepless speed change, easy operation, simple adjustments, high efficiency, small floor space and low power consumption. All parts are made from best quality steel to give more longevity easy inter-changeability and easy availably.
Box Stitcher Angular & Straight
Thickness 8mm to 16 cm
Stabbing/Staple Width 12.5 mm
Arm Length  30" - 36"- 42" - 48"
Speed  300 stitches/min.
Wire to be used   Flat 12x25/SWG or Round
Capacity  2 ply to 9 ply
Power  0.50 HP (single phase)
Gross Weight  400 kg
Book Stitcher 25 mm (1")
Full Clinch 25 mm
Stabbing 44 mm
Speed 170 Stitches/min
Wire to be used Round 20 to 24 SWG
Capacity 4 shts to 250 shts
Power 1 hp (single phase)
Gross Weight 350 kg
Book Stitcher 32 mm (1.25")
Full Clinch 32mm
Stabbing 54mm
Speed 170 Stitches/min
Wire to be used Round 18 to 24 SWG
Capacity 4shts to 300 shts
Power 1 hp (single phase)
Gross Weight 370 kg
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