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Technical specifications of Tissue paper making machine

Parent Roll Width: 20cm / 22cm / 24cm / 27cm / 30cm / 33cm / 44cm

Parent Roll Diameter: 1200 mm

Printing Unit: Single / Double Printing

Embossing Unit: Single / Double Embossing

Embossing Design: 1/4 mm

Folding Size: As per Requirement

Speed: 30000 Sheets/Hour

Power Required: Variable Speed

Production Capacity/Hour: 3000 Sheets/Hour

Power: 220 VAC Single Phase, 2.5 units/Hour

Power Consumption: 3 kW

Total Electric Load: Separate Control Panel

Controlling System: Timing Belts

Transmission: Digital, Auto Counter

Counting: As per Requirement

Machine Motor: 2 HP DC Motor

Band Saw Cutter Motor: HP AC Motor

Speed Controller: Variable Pulley

Weight: 2200 Kgs / 2400 Kgs

  • Compact, silent tissue making machine designed to produce tissue suitable for restaurants, bakeries, etc. and can only be operated by one operator and one assistant for startups.

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